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Downloading Fedora

Fedora Editions

Fedora provides three primary Editions tailored for some specific use cases. offers Fedora Cloud for scalable infrastructure, Fedora Server for organizational infrastructure, and Fedora Workstation for the developer and desktop user.

For alternative desktop environments or media built for more niche purposes, check out Fedora Spins.

Each of these downloads provides a different set of default packages, but you can add to your system after the initial installation to customize it for your needs. The installation process is the same for all spins and Editions, so you can use this guide for any choice you make.

Which Architecture Is My Computer?

Most modern systems are 64 bit x86 architecture. If your computer was manufactured after 2007, or you aren’t sure, you probably have a x86_64 system.

Changing a Fedora installation from one architecture to another is not supported. Use the following table to determine the architecture of your computer according to the type of processor. Consult your manufacturer’s documentation for details on your processor, or resources such as or, if necessary.

Table 1. Processor and architecture types
Produtôr dal processor e model Gjenar di architeture par Fedora

cualchi Intel Atom, sierie Core 2, serie Core i e Xeon; AMD: Athlon 64, Athlon II, Sempron64, serie Phenom, sierie Fusion, serie Bulldozer e Opteron; Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro e MacBook Air


Cualchi machine basade sui gnûfs Arm SBCs, SBSA e SystemReady Arm


Cualchi vieri Arm SBCs a 32-bit


Gjenars di supuarts

A son disponibii diviers gjenars di supuarts. Sielç chel che si adate miôr aes tôs necessitâts.

Imagjin Live

Lis imagjins Live ti permeti di provâ in anteprime Fedora, prime di instalâlu. Invezit che inviâ il sisteme dret al instaladôr, une imagjin live e cjame il stes ambient che tu varâs dopo la instalazion. Fedora Workstation e Fedora Spins a son imagjins live.

Dopre une imagjin live par instalâ il to sisteme preferît, provâ Fedora su hardware gnûf o condividi cui amîs.

Imagjin DVD

Lis imagjins DVD si inviin dretis al ambient di instalazion e ti permeti di sielzi tra une varietât di pachets che a rivin cu la imagjin. In Fedora 21, la opzion DVD e je disponibile dome te edizion Fedora Server.

Dopre la imagjin DVD di Fedora Server cuant che tu desideris instalazions di Fedora Server personalizadis, doprant une sorzint di instalazion fûr rêt.

Imagjin netinstall

The netinstall image boots directly into the installation environment, and uses the online Fedora package repositories as the installation source. With a netinstall image, you can select a wide variety of packages to create a customized installation of Fedora.

The Fedora Server netinstall image is a universal one, and can be used to install any Fedora Edition or your own set of favorite packages.

Imagjins ARM

Par tancj sistemis ARM, Fedora al furnìs imgjins di filesystems preconfigurâts. Scrîf la imagjin suntun supuart estraibil e inviilu dret inte instalazion di Fedora, pronte di doprâ.

I dispositîfs ARM dispès a àn bisugne di proceduris di configurazion speciâls che no son cuviertis di cheste vuide. Tache a scuvierzi informazions su Fedora ARM su

Imagjins Cloud

Lis imagjins di Fedora Cloud a son imagjins di filesystem preconfigurâts in maniere predefinide cun pôcs pachets instalâts. Chescj a includin imprescj speciâi par interagjî cu lis plateformis cloud e no son pensadis par une utilizazion infûr dai ambients cloud.

Fedora Cloud al rive in tantis variantis. La imagjin Fedora Cloud Base e je une base minimâl pe metude in vore di clouds. La imagjin Fedora Cloud Atomic al è un host contignidôr Docker che e dopre la tecnologjie Project Atomic pai inzornaments. E je disponibile ancje une imagjin di base Docker par Fedora.

Imagjins Cloud a son preconfiguradis e no necessitin di instalazions come descritis in cheste vuide. Scomence a doprâ Fedora Cloud su

Imagjins di inviament

Lls imagjins minusculis su a vegnin scritis su CDs, unitâts USB o adiriture discs floppy. La imagjin BFO e cjame il supuart di instalazion dai servidôrs di Fedora e e cjame l’ambient di instalazion, come te ISO di netinstall.

Lis imagjins BFO a lavori come lis distribuzions PXE, cence vê bisugne di configurâ un servidôr.