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Downloading Fedora

Fedora Editions

Fedora provides three primary Editions tailored for some specific use cases. offers Fedora Cloud for scalable infrastructure, Fedora Server for organizational infrastructure, and Fedora Workstation for the developer and desktop user.

For alternative desktop environments or media built for more niche purposes, check out Fedora Spins.

Each of these downloads provides a different set of default packages, but you can add to your system after the initial installation to customize it for your needs. The installation process is the same for all spins and Editions, so you can use this guide for any choice you make.

Which Architecture Is My Computer?

Most modern systems are 64 bit x86 architecture. If your computer was manufactured after 2007, or you aren’t sure, you probably have a x86_64 system.

Changing a Fedora installation from one architecture to another is not supported. Use the following table to determine the architecture of your computer according to the type of processor. Consult your manufacturer’s documentation for details on your processor, or resources such as or, if necessary.

Table 1. 处理器和架构类型
Processor manufacturer and model Architecture type for Fedora

some Intel Atom, Core 2 series, Core i series and Xeon; AMD: Athlon 64, Athlon II, Sempron64, Phenom series, Fusion series, Bulldozer series and Opteron; Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air


Some newer Arm SBCs, SBSA and SystemReady Arm based machines


Some older 32-bit Arm SBCs


Media Types

Several media types are available. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Live Image

Live镜像允许你在安装Fedora之前预览它。不同于直接启动进入安装器,一个Live镜像加载的是你将在安装后得到的相同的环境。Fedora Workstation和Fedora Spins是Live镜像。


DVD Image

DVD images boot directly into the installation environment, and allow you to choose from a variety of packages that are provided with it. In Fedora 21, the DVD option is only available in the Fedora Server Edition.

如果你想用离线的资源来自定义Fedora Server安装,那么就使用Fedora Server DVD镜像。

netinstall Image


Fedora Server网络安装镜像是一个大合集镜像,并且它可以被用于安装任何Fedora发行版或者你自己最喜欢的软件包的集合。



ARM设备一般而言需要特殊的设置步骤,这些步骤不包含在此指南中。开始学习Fedora ARM详见

Cloud Images

Fedora Cloud镜像是预配置的、有少量软件包预安装的文件系统镜像。它们包括特殊的工具便于和云平台进行交互,且不推荐在云环境之外使用。

Fedora Cloud comes in several varieties. The Fedora Cloud Base image is a minimal base for cloud deployments. The Fedora Cloud Atomic image is a Docker container host that uses Project Atomic technology for updates. A Docker base image for Fedora is also available.

Cloud images are preconfigured and do not require installation as described in this guide. Get started using Fedora Cloud at

Boot Images的tiny镜像被写入CD、USB磁盘,甚至软盘中。BFO镜像从Fedora服务器中读取安装媒体,并且直接读取安装环境,这就像是netinstall镜像一样。