EOL warning SOP

This document outlines the procedure for doing the end-of-life (EOL) warning.


This process is triggered by the release of Fedora Linux N+2. The schedule calls for it to occur two days after the release, but any time within two weeks of release day is sufficient.


  1. Select all bugs for Fedora version N-2 that are not closed and save the results as a CSV file.

    1. Do this for both the Fedora product and the Fedora Container Images product.

    2. Exclude bugs with the Tracking keyword.

    3. This Bugzilla query will give you the right results (just update the version).

  2. Run ./fedora_bz.py --release 34 --date 2022-06-07 eolwarn bugs-2022-05-12.csv

This script will take a while to run. Execute it from a machine with stable power and networking.