EOL warning SOP

This document outlines the procedure for doing the end-of-life (EOL) warning.


This process is triggered by the release of Fedora Linux N+2. The schedule calls for it to occur two days after the release, but any time within two weeks of release day is sufficient.


Add a warning comment on open bugs for the release that will soon go EOL using the fedora_bz.py script.

For example, to post the warning on Fedora Linux 37 bugs: ./fedora_bz.py eolwarn 37

The script will read the EOL date from Bodhi, or you can override it, e.g. ./fedora_bz.py eolwarn --date=2023-12-05 37

This script will take a while to run. Execute it from a machine with stable power and networking. If the script does die, you can re-run it like ./fedora_bz.py --start-bug 123456 eolwarn 37 to start after bug #123456. Use the number of the last bug that was successfully edited. As a safety check, the script will exit if the first bug in the list already has the comment.

The script comments on all "Fedora" and "Fedora Container Images" bugs for the release which are still open, unless they have the Tracking keyword. This Bugzilla query is similar to the one it uses (if you want to examine the list before running the script).