Package Rename Policy

For a variety of reasons it may become necessary to rename a package in Fedora. This page contains the policy that must be followed when such an event occurs.

Re-review required

When you wish to rename a package, you must request a re-review of your package, as described in Package Review Policy. In this review request, you must state that this is a re-review request for a package rename, including the old package name. The reviewer of the package must explicitly acknowledge this fact.

The reviewer must check the package for the proper Obsoletes and Provides as specified in Packaging Guidelines section Renaming/Replacing or Removing Existing Packages. They must explicitly acknowledge that they have done so. A package rename without a clean upgrade path must not be accepted.

After the review

After the review has been completed, renamed package must be imported into dist-git as a new package. Old package can then be retired following the Package Retirement Process.