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Anaconda Logging

Introduction Anaconda tracks all of its activities in logs. This includes: changing installation steps (that roughly correspond to different screens in the graphical installer) storage devices detection and manipulation installation… Read more

CUPS – How to Debug Printing Issues

If you are experiencing a problem with printing, please take a look at the common bugs page before filing a bug. If the problem you are seeing is not listed… Read more

CUPS – How to Debug Scanning Issues

SANE library, communication libraries and backends can turn on and off debug logging via SANE_DEBUG_* environment variables. The common environment variables: SANE_DEBUG_DLL - enables debugging SANE library SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_USB - enables… Read more


The kernel, like any software, has bugs. It’s a large, complex project and can be difficult to troubleshoot problems. This document covers some basic troubleshooting techniques to help narrow down… Read more

PackageKit Items Not Found

Missing Package Unfortunately, the package you were searching for is not available in Fedora. There are a few common reasons why a package might not be in Fedora’s repositories: Fedora… Read more

Root Account Locked

Phenomenon Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked in emergency mode (dracut emergency shell) Reason This is a known problem. It happens Fedora releases 28 and newer,… Read more

仮想化 - 問題のデバッグ方法

効率的なバグ報告 バグを効率的に報告することは、Fedora ユーザーや開発者にとって重要なスキルです。 バグの可能性のある原因を絞り込み、バグレポートに適切な情報を提供することで、バグを迅速に解決することができます。有用な情報をほとんど持たずにバグレポートを提出すると、あなたのバグが未解決のまま放置されることになりかねません。 バグ報告に関する一般的な情報は バグ報告の提出方法 を参照してください。このページは仮想化バグに特化した情報を含んでいます。 バージョン情報 Once you’ve ensured you have the latest updates installed , gather details of the version numbers of those packages e.g. To find… Read more