Contributor Recruitment

Part of keeping Fedora a vibrant, healthy community is bringing new contributors on board. One way we can do this is to have our presence at events focus on recruiting contributors. Open source events are a great way to reach people who are interested in joining a project.

The idea behind this plan is not to replace the people-focused workflow that the Fedora Join SIG uses. What we want is to create a "funnel" of potential contributors that the Join SIG can help bring into the Fedora community.

In order to give people a focused area, we highlight a few teams that are a current area of focus.


The primary goal of Fedora’s presence at conferences and other large events should be contributor recruitment. This does not mean that we can’t do general messaging, but that will not be the focus or how success is measured. We should, of course, continue to speak to existing users about the shiny new technical features in the latest release.

The "How to organize an event" page will soon be updated with specific guidance.

Online campaigns

We encourage teams that are looking for new contributors to submit Fedora Magazine articles describing their current work, and areas they need help with. As an example, see Adam Šamalík’s Contribute to Fedora Magazine article. In addition we can use social media channels to promote these articles. Teams can work with the Fedora Design team to create images that can be used to promote recruitment.