Fedora Council Mindshare representative

As a major steering committee under the Fedora Council, Mindshare is responsible for selecting a representative that covers the community aspects of the Fedora Project. This person is responsible for representing Mindshare as a collective and not as a single voice. They will be required to work with all of the various groups that collaborate with Mindshare and act as a liaison between these groups and the Council. The role will require a fair amount of time investment and good communication skills.


The following responsibilities and duties are delegated to the Mindshare representative.

To Fedora Council:

  • Participate in two to three Council hackfests a year (If these events happen).

  • Participate in two to three Council meetings a month as representative of the Mindshare committee (If these events happen).

  • Identify synergies and collaboration opportunities with Fedora Council responsibilities, Mindshare objectives, and the Fedora Community.

  • Any other normal functions of a Fedora Council member

To the Mindshare Committee:

  • Participate in two to three Mindshare meetings a month.

  • Share periodic updates and insight on Council tasks and priorities back to the team.

  • Listen to the needs, concerns, and hopes of the Fedora Community and relay them to the Mindshare Committee.

Duration of Service

The representative will serve in this role for two release cycles. They may also step down before that time or the Council or Mindshare may wish to replace them. Careful consideration of time commitments should be taken when making the selection, and the Council, Mindshare, and the representative should evaluate their effectiveness as a group on a fairly regular basis. In the event that the representative to Mindshare needs to step down, they should make the Committee aware and the process to choose a new rep will begin. In the event that the Mindshare Committee or the Council wish to make a change in representative, a thorough explanation of why will be required, and each situation will be handled on a case by case basis. In the event that the Council wants to change the rep, Mindshare Committee will review and make a final decision, and vice versa.


This section explains how the representative is nominated and confirmed. The selection process documented below is initiated when a rotation of representatives is motioned by the existing representative, the Mindshare committee, or the Fedora Council.

There will be a two-week nomination period for potential representatives. Nominees can be self-nominated or nominated by other members of the Mindshare Committee with their consent. Nominees are required to be members of the Mindshare Committee and should have a basic understanding of various Fedora sub-projects, and have sufficient time to perform the responsibilities required.

In the event that there are no nominees, the Mindshare committee will work with the Council to broaden the search message and request more time. Should no nominees be found after that, the role will rotate among existing Mindshare members until the next representative is identified.


After the nomination period expires, Mindshare will discuss candidates in a public meeting. A meeting discussion provides an opportunity for the team to weigh in and share another context. In the unlikely event that more than two nominees are interested in the representative role, we will allow for an additional week to discuss and come to a resolution as a Committee.

The selected person and the Council will be notified, and the person will start serving in that role as soon as possible.