Go/No-Go Meeting SOP

This document outlines procedures for scheduling and running the Go/No-Go meeting.


The first go/no-go meeting occurs on the Thursday before the early target date for a release. Meetings recur weekly until the release is GO.


Schedule meeting

  1. Schedule the meeting in Fedocal’s Fedora release calendar. The Go/No-Go meeting is traditionally held on the Thursday prior to the release date from 17:00–19:00 UTC.

  2. Select an available meeting channel. It is best to set the meeting to recur weekly for 3 weeks in case of multiple slips.

  3. Send an email 5–7 calendar days before the meeting to the devel-announce, logistics, and test-announce mailing lists.

Run the meeting

Follow this script and then follow the Go or No-Go SOP as appropriate.