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The GNU compiler suite has been update to version 9.0.1. See the upstream documentation for user visible changes. Packages in Fedora have been rebuilt with the new version of the compiler.

Boost 1.69

Boost has been upgraded to version 1.69. See the Boost section for details.

The GNU C Library version 2.29

Fedora 30 provides the GNU C Library - glibc - version 2.29. Notable changes include:

New features

  • The getcpu wrapper function has been added, which returns the currently used CPU and NUMA node.

  • Optimized generic exp, exp2, log, log2, pow, sinf, cosf, sincosf and tanf.

  • The reallocarray function is now declared under _DEFAULT_SOURCE, not just for _GNU_SOURCE, to match BSD environments.

  • The popen and system do not run atfork handlers anymore.

  • strftime’s default formatting of a locale’s alternative year (%Ey`) has been changed to zero-pad the year to a minimum of two digits, like %y.

  • As a GNU extension, the _ and - flags can now be applied to %EY to control how the year number is formatted; they have the same effect that they would on %Ey.

Deprecated and removed features

  • The glibc.tune tunable namespace has been renamed to glibc.cpu and the tunable glibc.tune.cpu has been renamed to

  • An archaic GNU extension to scanf, under which %as, %aS, and %a[…​] meant to scan a string and allocate space for it with malloc, is now restricted to programs compiled in C89 or C++98 mode with _GNU_SOURCE defined.

For detailed information about glibc-2.29 see the upstream NEWS document; note that you may need to scroll down to find version 2.29 as the document continues to be updated.