Third-Party Repositories

The Fedora Workstation Third Party repositories provide access to additional desktop software that is not included in Fedora’s own repos. The repositories are selected and managed by the Fedora Workstation Working Group, in accordance with FESCo’s third party repository policy.

The third-party repositories exist to provide access to additional software that may be necessary or important for users to have access to. This includes some proprietary software.

While facilitating the use of some proprietary software, the Fedora project continues to strongly believe in and promote free and open source software. As a result, third party repositories must be enabled by the user in order to be used, and open source alternatives are recommended wherever possible.

How to use

The following are basic instructions for how to use the third-party repositories.

Enabling third-party repositories

To install software from the third-party repositories, they must first be enabled. The easiest way to do this is in the Third-Party Repositories page of initial setup.

Alternative methods to enable the third-party repositories include:

  • Through the dialog that is shown in the Software app when third-party repositories are not enabled.

  • Enabling Third-Party Repositories in the Software app’s Software Repository settings.

Note: The repositories are preinstalled on every current Workstation, through the package fedora-workstation-repositories.

Installing from third-party repositories

Once the repos are enabled, the software they contain can be installed in the usual way. The repos can also be searched and installed using the dnf or flatpak commands, depending on the packaging format used.

Managing third-party repositories

The Software Repository settings in the Software app can be used to see which third-party repositories are enabled, or to enable and disable individual repositories.

Included software

The following software is included in the third-party repositories:

Repository Includes Availability

flathub (filtered)

Bitwarden, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Minecraft, Postman, Skype

Fedora 35 – Fedora 37

flathub (unfiltered)

Everything from

≥ Fedora 38


Google Chrome

≥ Fedora 25



≥ Fedora 23


NVIDIA Graphics Driver

≥ Fedora 28



≥ Fedora 28