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Anaconda:The Fedora Installer

Anaconda is the installation program used by Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and some other distributions. During installation, a target computer’s hardware is identified and configured, and the appropriate file… Read more

Anaconda Logging

Introdução Anaconda tracks all of its activities in logs. This includes: changing installation steps (that roughly correspond to different screens in the graphical installer) storage devices detection and manipulation installation… Read more

Criando e usando uma imagem live de instalação

Downloading Fedora You can download Fedora from There are multiple desktops available for use with Fedora. Each has a slightly different look and feel and offers varying levels of… Read more

Instalando o Spotify no Fedora

Spotify é um serviço proprietário de streaming de música compatível com diversas plataformas. Spotify é um serviço freemium, com propagandas que podem ser removidas ao pagar por uma assinatura. Apesar… Read more

Fedora no Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized ARM based single board computer (SBC). This documentation describes how to get started The Raspberry Pi 4 is officially supported from Fedora release… Read more

Using Kubernetes on Fedora

Overview This how-to provides an overview of the Kubernetes (K8s) rpms in the Fedora repositories, how to use them in a few scenarios and a short cluster creation guide using… Read more