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Encontrando e instalando aplicativos Linux

If you are looking for software to run on Fedora Linux, you will discover Fedora-packaged software, EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) and Flatpak apps. Here is an overview of… Read more

Extensões do GNOME Shell

Através do website: "GNOME Shell extensions are small pieces of code written by third party developers that modify the way GNOME works. (If you are familiar with Chrome Extensions or… Read more

Habilitando os repositórios RPM Fusion

Third party repositories There are a number of third-party software repositories for Fedora. They have more liberal licensing policies and provide software packages that Fedora excludes for various reasons. These… Read more

Trocando ambientes de trabalho

Diferentes variantes do Fedora Linux (Spins/Labs) têm ambientes padrão diferentes. Por exemplo, o Fedora Workstation usa o GNOME como seu ambiente de desktop padrão, enquanto o spin KDE usa o… Read more