Fedora Infrastructure and Release Engineering

Fedora infrastructure and Release Engineering are the teams of dedicated volunteers and professionals maintaining the servers and some of the services used to build Fedora as well as enable its community.

We’re located all over the globe and communicate primarily by Matrix and e-mail.


The team has officers for a number of areas, please consult with them on matters under their area:

  • Infrastructure Lead - Kevin Fenzi

  • Development Manager - Aurelien Bompard

  • Quality Engineering - Adam Williamson

  • Release Engineering - Samyak Jain

The officers generally decide what needs to be done in the day to day operations of the various Fedora infrastructure facilities. The officers themselves work for the developers and end users but ultimately report to the Fedora Project Council. This basically means that we’ll try to do whatever we can to fill needs and fix things but if we refuse for whatever reason, the final decision can be made by the Fedora Project Council. Such decisions, however, are rare.


The Infrastructure Team coordinates their activities using a variety of tools. Our primary methods of communication are weekly matrix meetings, the Matrix room #admin:fedoraproject.org and the discussion.fedoraproject.org with the #infra-team tag.

Application development efforts take place in the #apps:fedoraproject.org Matrix room, and system administration related efforts take place in the #noc:fedoraproject.org Matrix channel.


We also hold weekly meetings in #meeting-3:fedoraproject.org each Thursday at 16:00 UTC. See the UTC Howto for instructions to convert UTC to your local time.

See the meetings page for details and historical archives.

Mailing list

The mailing list of the Fedora Infrastructure Project is: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/admin/lists/infrastructure@lists.fedoraproject.org/

We are in the process of moving much of the discussion that used to take place there over to discussion.fedoraproject.org with the #infra-team tag.