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Distribution-wide Changes

RPM 4.17

RPM 4.17 contains numerous improvements over previous versions:

  • More robust install failure handling.

  • Many macro improvements, in particular much improved Lua integration.

  • Libraries no longer need executable permission for dependency generation and is automatically removed for non-executable libraries.

  • Automatic removal of .la files from buildroot.

  • Transaction APIs enhancements.

  • Split debugedit to its own project and package.

  • Split Python-specific packaging aids to its own project and package.

  • Improved documentation.

More information is availble at the upstream release notes.

Update firewalld to v1.0.0

firewalld has been rebased to v1.0.0.

Major changes:

  • Reduced dependencies.

  • Intra-zone forwarding by default.

  • NAT rules moved to inet family (reduced rule set).

  • default target is now similar to reject.

  • ICMP blocks and block inversion only apply to input, not forward.

  • tftp-client service has been removed.

  • iptables backend is deprecated.

  • Direct interface is deprecated.

  • CleanupModulesOnExit defaults to no (kernel modules not unloaded).

Full details on the upstream blog.