Ek Politikalar

  • The Fedora Council will have a regular face-to-face in November each year. The region will be dependent on the location of Fedora Council members at the time. We will also conduct in-person meetings at Flock and DevConf.CZ for Fedora Council members in attendance.

  • Fedora Dergisi, kullanıcı hedefli iletişimin yapıldığı; Topluluk Blogu ise katkıda bulunanlar hedefli iletişimin yapıldığı yerdir.

  • The Fedora Council supports greater efficiency in the infrastructure to allow more to be done, even when this means that we move away from self-hosted or self-maintained infrastructure.

  • The Fedora Project wants to advance free and open source software and as a pragmatic matter we recognize that some infrastructure needs may be best served by using closed source or non-free tools today. Therefore the Fedora Council is willing to accept closed source or non-free tools in Fedora’s infrastructure where free and open source tools are not viable or not available.

  • Katı bürokrasi yerine katılıma değer verdiğimiz için ('Arkadaşlar' temeli!), Fedora seçimleri için aday başvuruları son tarihten sonra makul bir süre içinde kabul edilebilir. Bununla birlikte, bunun Fedora Dergisi röportajlarını, salon toplantılarını ve diğer kampanya fırsatlarını kaçırmak anlamına gelebileceğini unutmayın.

  • The Fedora Council has no objections to events being held in the local language or in English, and separate events can be held if there are multiple audiences. We encourage event organizers to specify the language(s) for their event.

  • Unspent budget allocated to the $150 event program will be pulled into the Fedora Council budget at the end of each fiscal quarter.

  • The Fedora Council may choose to withdraw Fedora’s support from events or other activities that involve fiscal sponsorship or use of Fedora trademarks when it determines that participation is not in the interests of the Fedora Project. Decisions to withdraw support will be published in venues normally used for Fedora Council decisions. Deliberation and reasoning for the decision should be public to the extent possible. The Fedora Council will engage with the committee/group/team that is involved with the event in question to ensure their input is considered.